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Do You Give Your Customers the Wienie?

Mark Ramsey from hear2.0 had an excellent post the other day regarding a story in which Walt Disney invited several GE executives to the studio to view the “Carousel of Progress” prior to the 1964 World’s Fair.

After they viewed the show, they loved it. Walt thought it needed something else. He told them that “It doesn’t have a wienie!” and invited them back the following week.

The next week, they viewed the almost identical show again. This time, the Walt had added a animated wienie dog to each scene.

This was the finishing touch on the Carousel of Progress. It was a little something extra that his customers were maybe not expecting. When you roll out a new product or service, do you give your clients that something extra that they are not expecting? Do you give them the “Wienie?”

If you are not giving them the wienie with your current offerings, look for ways to give it to them. This will ultimately help to differentiate you from the competition and propel your revenues and profits skyward.