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Accounting Services & Consulting

Your books are some of the most powerful pieces of performance gear in your entrepreneurial toolkit. When they are balanced, accurate, and complete, fully-informed decision-making is as easy as “running the numbers.” Future-proof your family business with professional bookkeeping / financial reporting that keeps you ready for anything and upgrade for a consultant’s eye on both the big picture and the bottom line.

Tax Taming & Strategy

Who wants to spend countless hours getting ready to send things to your accountant, staying current with the ever-changing tax law and liabilities, and then also figuring out the best way to make it all work in your favor? (If that’s your special interest, too, we salute you!) But if it’s not, breathe regularly; it is our job to keep eyes on the horizon for tax savings and advantages available to family-run businesses, just like you.

Family-Owned Business Specialists

Optimized and sustainable business success, that’s where we’re headed. Partner with seasoned CPAs—a family-run business themselves—who are masters at helping family-owned businesses make the most out of their business without it taking the most out of them. We work 1:1 with owners/operators of every level in any stage of the business lifecycle to align strategies and systems that support a good life and a great living.

Meet Calculated Moves

From our family business to yours, meet Calculated Moves

Optimizing opportunities like a boss.

When you’re an innovative and forward-thinking accounting firm who loves working with other family businesses AND you have been pursuing your own entrepreneurial excellence with a passion for as long as you can remember…it’s a match made in heaven.

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Who says accounting has to be boring?

Press play on the energy and excitement of entrepreneurial adventures and growth innovation.
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Best Interests at Heart

Explore the knowledge hub and tap into our connected community.

Business is hard. Heck, life is hard. It helps when we surround ourselves with quality people with solid intentions to do more good than harm. Let’s look out for each other. We’re connecting as many inspired family-run business builders and entrepreneurs as possible in a virtual environment to educate and empower. Members get access to our Knowledge Hub and are welcomed to our private facebook group, teeming with opportunity, best practices, and seasoned advice.

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What our Clients are saying

If you don’t want to hug your accountant, you need a new one! Do you have a current balance sheet? Is your payroll proportionate to your sales? How much is your business worth if someone wanted to buy it today? I know because I work with Donna! She has the answers to everything financial about your business (and how it relates to you personally!)
She even helped me get a large IRS penalty refunded based on my prior accountant not submitting my returns on time.
Hillary Moulliet,
Art Space Studio, Charlotte, NC
We have worked with Bordeaux & Bordeaux CPAs for over 7 years. Our business has grown tremendously. We now have a comfort level that we did not have prior to Bordeaux & Bordeaux taking over our account. Planning for taxes and eliminating the surprise factor allows us to manage our cash flow in a way we were never able to do with our previous situation.
By planning to reduce our tax liability, we can use our cash to grow the business rather than just writing a check to the IRS.
Doug McCuen
Specialty Delivery & Logistics, Lake Wylie SC
Absolutely fantastic organization!!!…….Having Donna and her team take care of all of the details of accounting and bookkeeping has been such a relief to us. It allows us to focus on daily operations and growth and the proof is in our numbers! We look forward to working with the Bordeaux’s into the future as our business grows by leaps and bounds with their help.
We view them as our partners in business and are helping our organization achieve our financial goals.
Ed Pinson
CWF Crating, York, SC
Bordeaux & Bordeaux CPAs provides me with exceptional accounting services and business advice. Knowing that I don’t have to think about taxes and compliance allows me to concentrate on running the business.
It’s a huge relief never having to worry.
Hans Grell
Bright Audio Video, Fort Mill, SC
We purchased an existing business and worked with Donna to choose the best corporate structure for our tax and business needs. She has helped us organize our business records and keep us on track. Our focus is based on growing our business and they help us keep the task of bookkeeping and financial matters simple and up to date.
We always know where we stand and can make informed decisions each day.
Chris Childress
CWF Crating, York SC
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Work With Calculated Moves!

Goodbye cash chaos and seasonal uncertainty, Hello value maximization strategy and industry expertise


The choices you make, big and small, make a significant impact in both day-to-day and the future of business. When you have an outside pro to help you—a friendly expert with answers to your questions, happy to embrace new ideas and encourage you to work on your business, not in it—you can make decisions with intention and confidence. We’ve got you


Get proactive about keeping more money in your business. From the very first transaction, it’s our job to capture an up-to-date and accurate record, pinpoint problem areas, and guide you in course correction. We challenge you to think constructively about your business model and support sound growth and development. What does that have to do with more profits? Why, absolutely everything.


Financial preparedness means more than just watertight books, it also means having accurate numbers in order to stay compliant, tax readiness (including payroll and sales), and paying the appropriate amount of taxes. No one wants to break any laws or pay more on taxes than you absolutely have to. Leave it to the pros to guide you in advocacy and accountability for total peace of mind.

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