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In the legacy and lifestyle freedom business since 1996.

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Business isn’t a burden when someone you trust has your back
.It’s our job to empower family businesses to reach peak potential—because these opportunities aren’t gonna optimize themselves.
You can sell a big fish…even if you see a minnow in the mirror
Overcome the bootstrapper’s mindset and comparison it is
Super-size resilience, risk-tolerance, and profit-power
Maximum value, from seed to sale/succession

From Launch to Legacy

Whole-life support for the lifespan of a family business.

Family run businesses have one thing in common: passionate people who want to work for themselves doing something they love… and maybe launch a little legacy for the next gen while they’re at it.

If you want to make the most of your entrepreneurial investment without it taking the most out of you, get to know Calculated Moves. We are the full-service CPA team (and family business enthusiasts) that deliver a way out of operations overwhelm, decision-fatigue, and fear of surprises—because there’s more to taxes than being on time, and there’s more to life than business.

Meet The Crew

Helping small businesses stay afloat since 1996.


CPA Founder. Tax Strategist. Chief Innovative Officer
Donna believes that life is too short to dream too small. Her unique value is her gift to see the micro and the macro; she can keep her eye on the bottom line and the growth potential at the same time. She will help you stop thinking of your business like extra weight you have to carry and start treating it like an asset that can carry you.


 CPA  Business Strategist. Entrepreneur. Chief Travel Officer
If you see your business as an investment, then you and Chad are simpatico. He specializes in start-ups, mergers & acquisitions, and sales, so ask him anything about business structures and management. From franchises to corporate, this is the man with the plan to find the perfect fit for your wildest visions, passionate in the pursuit of “what’s next?”


Marketing Motivator. Brand Strategist. Entrepreneur.
Zack is the man who makes the boat go faster. It’s his job to build—and sustain—momentum for back of the house management and social media platform growth. He is the Marketing Manager and oversees the growth and development of any and all digital content.


Admin Genie. Tax Communications Expert. Keeper of the Records
Back office wizardry, at your service. Nancy keeps our company dynamic, effective, and in a growth mindset. She keeps things moving in bookkeeping, processing sales & use tax, and tracking information. She brings a lifetime of experience managing the business/operational side of CPA firms. Nancy is the very reason we’re known for our unparalleled customer service experience.

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