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Frequently asked questions

I’ve got QuickBooks. I’m good, right?

QuickBooks online does not a CPA make. The power of the platform is only as good as your understanding of accounting principles and the integrity of your entries. Commercial services and outsourced accounting offer no advice, no analytics, and no personal information. You can’t replace a brain with an app.

We received a scary notice from the IRS or a tax preparer. Are we screwed?

If you’ve got anxiety every time you check the mailbox, you’re not alone. Thousands of businesses suffer at the neglect of an unresponsive preparer or unanticipated tax liability. You don’t have to live this way; it’s always best to leave it to the pros.

If I make the wrong moves, how much of an impact will that have on my future?

Worry for the future can be extraordinarily intense for business owners. After all, they have no backup paycheck, a low risk tolerance, and the worst that can happen? Well, that could mean threats to the success and sustainability of your whole business. Having a trusted ally is the perfect resolution to confidently facing the unknown.

My bookkeeper keeps our accounting straight. What else do we need?

A bookkeeper can write a check, but they are rarely empowered to make judgment calls. It’s their job to record transactions and make statements look good. That means no strategy, no tax strategies or preparation, and no interpretation. Your business deserves more. A CPA is a designation that must be earned and maintained and is checked by the balances dictated by your state license—and we do not play with that responsibility.

I have a CPA already. I don’t love them, but they check that box. Why move? And why Calculated Moves?

A. If your accounting firm lacks the tech; if they are not forward-thinking, nimble, or innovative; if they charge too little or only by the hour; if they put only Jr Accountants on the job and you get no upper-level facetime or they only talk to you once a year, your hard-earned money may be better invested elsewhere.

Is it really so unrealistic that I can take a vacation or spend quality time with my family?

Give yourself a break. We help you institute a contingency plan so that your business can run without you at the helm every hour of every day. Seamless service delivery and a backup plan mean having a life. Once you free yourself from the tedious tasks that cloud your judgment about the beauty of your business, you’re free to come up with new ideas, prioritize what should come next, and actually have fun in your business.  

Don’t you just “do taxes?”

No, we don’t just “do taxes;” we nurture the long-term relationships and planning that make taxes a breeze.

How do we meet?

Zoom, zoom, baby! All of our meetings are cloud-based, recorded, and instantly accessible.

I’m ready to make my own Calculated Moves. What do I need to bring to our initial kickoff meeting?

We’ll set the agenda, you gather your bank logins, the last 1-3 years in tax returns, and your previous record-keeping system. We’ll take it from here.

How much does this all cost?

Anticipate investing $10-$15k a year to save your skin in tax overpayments, unexpected surprises, and anemic profits. #winning

What makes Calculated Moves different/special/The One?

If you like gaining knowledge over time, established systems and processes, and total transparency, you’re going to love the way we do business. We never miss a deadline, track taxes with obsessive precision, and help manage your time and priorities so that you can focus on running your business, not micromanaging your account (or accountant.)  Our leading-edge commitment to tech and innovation keeps you connected to financial preparedness without skipping a beat. And the best part? We’re fun and friendly. You don’t see that every day.

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