How Does Your Brain Work?

Do you ever wonder how your brain works? The possession of this knowledge would surely increase our productivity and our likelihood for success in life. Brain Rules, a new book and DVD by John Medina, explores twelve principles of how the brain works with the purpose of allowing the readers to maximize the different aspects of their lives.

One of my favorite rules is Rule #1: Exercise boost brain power. In my opinion, the author hit the nail on the head with this one. Medina suggests that the best business meeting would have everyone walking at 1.8 miles per hour. I know that some of the best meetings I have with my business partner (my wife) come as we take a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood. During this stroll, my mind begins to churn ideas and answers to business challenges at a rate that I never get laying around the house or sitting at my desk.

I will provide more insight on this book after I actually read it, but for now, you can learn the twelve rules for yourself by visiting the Brain Rules website.