Can’t Pay Your EIDL Loan?

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Secrets To Resolving Your Eidl

💰 If you took out an SBA COVID Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) and your business has either closed or is still operating but cannot make the payments or you made a personal guarantee for repayment by using your SSN to apply, this webinar is for you.

🔥 If you (or someone you love) have an EIDL loan that needs to be resolved, join us for an information-packed webinar for folks struggling with knowing what to do next with an EIDL in repayment.

⚡️Be a part of the live experience and get your questions answered by our committed crew of passionate accounting pros here to help you cut through the noise and make a plan to move forward.

🔦 After all, if you have these questions, someone else does too.

🙋 Let’s all put our heads together and get the most value out of learning what to do when you find you can’t pay for whatever reason.

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We are not currently accepting any calls or engagements related to EIDL loans, so please subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest details and news as further developments on EIDL loan repayment become available.

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