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Calculated Moves, PC, Helping Locum Tenens make the most of their income.

Here in Calculated Moves, PC, we specialize in helping Locum Tenens Providers with proactive Bookkeeping and Accounting Services throughout the year which can help you lessen the burden of doing it yourself and save you money.

There are advantages to being compensated as an independent contractor. For example, independent contractors can deduct certain expenses that traditional employees cannot. However, an independent contractor’s tax return can also become a bit more complicated thus we want to help you make sure you take advantage of all of the opportunities that you can.

We offer specialized services specific for Locums Tenens:

  • Track your accounting throughout the year.
  • Keep updated with our Tax Saving Ideas.
  • We’ll provide specific expert consulting.

Why Outsource Bookkeeping and Accounting?

It is highly unlikely that you will handle your bookkeeping and accounting personally if you do not run an accounting firm. Precisely for this purpose, it is almost always best to turn over these duties to a seasoned accountant. Enlisting a company that knows you, can take you on a variety of tasks and provide you with a simple summary that can lead to highly beneficial financial results. In a word, it all boils down to simplicity.

  • Targeted, proactive bookkeeping and accounting services.
  • Hiring an accountant will enable you to take advantage of tax laws that may save you a substantial amount each year.
  • Our team will support you with more than tax preparation; we’ll become partners in your success by providing expert consulting.
  • Our team has access to advanced software that allows us to help you improve the efficiency and accuracy of your bookkeeping and accounting processes.
  • By partnering with our team, you can turn your attention to the aspects that need your attention most.
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The tax code can be confusing and is constantly changing. With that said, it is in your best interest to consult a tax professional or CPA who can advise you based on your unique tax situation.

Let us help you make the most of your income!

We’ll offer specialized service packages specifically for Locum Tenans Professionals.  Choose one of our packages today to get started.
Locum Annual Checkup
Ideal for the sole proprietor micro-business with low transaction volume.
Xero Subscription
Setup Initial Chart of Accounts
Receipt Tracking to help you Audit Proof your Records
Quick Email Questions
Preparation of form 1040 for federal with one state for Owner
Access to Xero University Training
Email Newsletter Alerts
$89 per week
Locum Essentials
Locum Professionals can maximize their tax savings with proactive planning.
Entity Structure Review for lowest tax outcome
Travel Deduction Review for temporary living expenses
Retirement Plan Structure Review to allow maximum savings
We'll keep your books and records up to date all year
Full-service Payroll Processing
Entity Structure Review for lowest tax outcome
Priority Tax Scheduling and Our "File on Time" Guarantee
FREE Individual Income Tax Preparation
FREE Business Income Tax Preparation
Assistance with State Income Tax Allocations
$132 per week
Locum Essentials
If you hate Quickbooks or are looking for an alternative, we’ve got you covered.  You’ll love Xero and we’ll help make sure it works for you. Perfect for businesses with Revenue up to $100,000.
We'll do the heavy lifting to get your Xero Early Subscription started with a solid Chart of Accounts and Xero setup.
Keep your documents and receipts tidy and secure to audit-proof your records.
Retirement Plan Structure Review to allow maximum savings
Use Xero on the go with the mobile app. Info to run your business is always at your fingertips.
Training course on the basics of how to use Xero is included (it's so easy you might not even need it)
Monthly Newsletter Alerts to keep you informed of the latest information for small businesses.
$12 per week
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