Airtable Templates

August 18, 2022

I love to automate tasks and make my life easier and my work more efficient. In any business, there’s always room for keeping up with data and potentially automating some of the things you do with it.

So, for example, if somebody calls and asks a question, you may have a CRM system or even a phone log where you indicate who it was when they called, who they had to talk to, and what the result was. Well, instead of using an old-fashioned spreadsheet or a manual log, why not make that information work for you and allow you to manipulate it and analyze it to improve your business.

Airtable is a tool that can help you do that. It is a combination of a spreadsheet and a steroid database, but it’s super easy to learn and use. You can make it very complex at the end of the day with a lot of automation, but you can start small.

So it’s a great product. I recommend you check it out. Airtable could do a lot of things with different formats as well. You can offer reports, and you can offer automated emails out to people when certain things need to happen. You can track ordering and inventory, and people. It has a great templates function of free templates that you can use. You can use them as is, or you can customize them to your liking, but you can check this out on their templates page, a ton of different things. Every business could utilize some of the tools that are here.

I utilize this digital video production system to monitor how I track, what videos to record, and when and if they’re published or not yet. I also use it for my CRM to track prospects in their cycle. When we have conversations, I indicate pieces of information about them, where they’re at, and what type of business they have. Great information here, so utilize these tools super easy to get started.

They also have a section that’ll lead you down each business pathway. So solutions for marketing, product teams, operations, H.R., sales, finance, all of this information is included, and it’s all free for your use. Also, there are a lot of case studies and sample information here that help get you started. Especially sometimes, I will look at data and think, like, how should I organize that? And a lot of brain power goes into organizing it so you can utilize it later.

This gives you a head start and some ideas you may not have even thought of. They also have some marketing and sales information here that’s helpful too. You can create printed pages with data, like a pricing catalog, a worksheet on each item in a database, or web pages with the information in a gallery view.

This is an example of their gallery view that you can use to set up. So imagine a product listing here with the picture of each product. And some details underneath it, and you can click on it for further detail, order it, or find out the pricing. The ability to customize this is endless. So please check it out. I’ll include links to these pages in the show notes below, and I’ll also include a referral link.

If you wouldn’t mind, when you sign up for Airtable, use my referral link. I’ll get a few bucks to reduce my monthly fee. And when you learn how great it is, you can also pass along your referral link to your friends and colleagues.

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