An Example Of GREAT Customer Service

February 10, 2022

Good customer service is hard to find these days. I recently had an experience where someone gave great customer service and it makes me grateful for that person and I wanted to share that with you. I was on a sunset tour in Key West and our boat captain pulled away from the dock and got a phone call that there was a couple waiting for a tour that had been overbooked.

He at first thought about how he could deal with the situation and he remembered calling the people. He actually admitted and remembered that they called him about 9:30 at night, just as he was going to bed. And he thought he would write it down in the morning and he forgot and he admitted it wholeheartedly. He didn’t try to put the blame on anyone else. So what he did was really spectacular. He called another boat captain from a competing company, his competition, and told them what had happened, that he overbooked a tour.

He told the captain to that boat. If you could take this couple out on their tour, that he booked that he would pay him whatever he wanted, even if it was more than what those that couple paid him for the tour, he offered great customer service. And I noticed, and I want everybody else to notice that good customer service still does exist, even though it’s a little harder to find so kudos to you, Andrew.

And if you’re ever in Key West, check out Andrew at Key West Sunset Tours and tell him what a great job that he already did with customer service.

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