Bot Automation: The Ultimate Helping Hand for your Business

July 27, 2021

How many bots do you have running in your business? Most of you will probably give me a blank stare on that one, but I want to talk to you about automation for a moment. There are some really cool tools out there now that don’t take a lot of coding experience. They’re actually no-code or low-code to help you set up some automations.

So let’s talk about a little example. So let’s say that you have a CRM system and when somebody comes to your website, it automatically picks up their information and puts it in there so they can subscribe to your newsletter. What would you like to send them more information at a point later on? Or would you like to send them a book or a card?

Those types of automations can happen now rather easily. So all you really need to do is have two apps that maybe don’t normally connect, but they can connect to outside things and you look at a trigger that happens in one piece and make something happen in another. So the thought process here is endless, you can come up with a number of these, but there were some really cool, easy things and much more complex things that can happen here.

For example, if you have a sales process and might be rather complicated, and you want a lot of steps to happen, to nurture a prospect along the way, a lot of operations there can happen by the use of Zapier. Zapier connects different automation tools. So it can connect different products that don’t integrate.

You can also get a little more in detail on these and create longer processes and more specific things that can happen with things like ElectroNeek or UI Path. There are a lot more options to be able to conquer these.

So just as a rough example, a dental practice wanted to track some specifics based on their sales. And they wanted a dashboard to go out to all of their management people each day to show their progress. Now, normally that would be quite a bit of work to have somebody compile numbers every single day, create something and send it out and email it to all these different people each and every day.

Well, what if that person goes on vacation, does the job just not get done? It was a lot of manpower to make that happen, but through automations that becomes a very streamlined process and it doesn’t take high level talent to accomplish it. What they did was set up a form that their reception or administrator at the front office could complete each day in each of their offices. That total of what their receipts were in each of those offices all came into a database via a form.

Then some automations were set up to add up all those numbers, to put it into a specific template of a form, and send that out to each person who needed to know that information. All of that process will be automated after the receptionist keyed in one number to a sheet each day, that’s pretty cool. That’s just a small example of some of the things that can be done.

So if you have some automation processes that you wish could happen in your office, we may be able to help you. Let’s talk through that process. We do a whole lot more than just accounting here. We want to streamline and simplify your life. And some of that may include some automations with bots like we’ve talked about

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