Charlotte Home Values Still Climbing

March 31, 2008

According to Standard & Poor index of the Top 20 US Hosing Markets, Charlotte (My Home Market!) is the lone market with a positive one year gain (as of 1/31/08).

While the increase was not steller, the 1.8% inch-up was still a positive gain. Up until this report, Portland and Seattle were also in the positive territory, but have slipped into the red (Portland with a 0.5% decrease and Seattle with a 1.3% decrease).

The biggest losers were Las Vegas and Miami, each posting 19.3% year over year declines. Phoenix was a close 3rd with an 18.2% decline. Don’t be fooled into thinking that everyone in these markets have lost their pants though. These markets have experienced increases well above the norm for years with many years in the double digits.

With large population growth and falling prices,, there are a lot of great investment opportunities out there at exceptional prices. Be sure to do your research before buying and happy investing to all!