Free Document Templates at

June 7, 2008

I am not sure how many of you have heard of the website, It has been online for about six months now and seems to be getting a lot of loyal users. The website is basically a “hub” for users to share a wide range of documents and templates. These range from legal and financial documents and templates to sales and marketing guides and best practices manuals. There is also a bunch of ebooks about a whole range of topics. The best part – all this is free.

The one thing that concerns me a little is that there is a huge section containing templates for virtually every legal document out there. Keep in mind that downloading a document from the Internet does not mean that it is worth its weight in salt in a courtroom. Make sure you are getting you legal advice from qualified Attorneys and not from a form you downloaded from who knows who on the Internet. I am not sure why someone would risk using a downloaded Last Will & Testament when an attorney will do it for a few hundred bucks – but that is just me.