Getting Ready for Taxes

January 12, 2011

Getting the information ready for your tax preparation does not have to be hard or time consuming. Here are a few tips and best practices to help you gather your documents efficiently and easily:

1. Keep an envelope or folder in one place where you put all of the “important tax documents” that you receive like W2s, mortgage interest statements, charitable receipts etc.
2. Don’t use highlighters on documents unless it is a yellow highlighter. We will scan all of your documents and all other colors of highlighters “black” out the information when scanned.
3. Don’t staple documents. All staples must be removed before we can scan your documents.
4. You can write notes on documents or pages for explanation if it is not clear what the information is or relates to. Do not use post-its on documents as any color other than yellow will not scan. Use a pen rather than a pencil as it is too light to scan.
5. It is fine to add summaries or notes, but it is not necessary to recap W2 or other source documents that are already attached. We prefer to enter your data direct from the source documents.
6. For unreimbursed expenses or self-employment expenses, please submit the worksheet for expenses from our website or a summary with totals by category. We do not need each receipt in these cases although you should keep them for your records in case of audit.
7. Lastly, review the checklist of items needed from the tax worksheets on our website to make sure you have all information.

This does not have to be a dreaded task. Just accumulate your documents in an efficient manner and you can mail, drop off, fax or email your documents to us. If you are missing a document or two, go ahead and submit the information and just let us know what you are waiting on. We can proceed with the preparation of the returns and just hold open a spot to fill in the missing information when you get it.