Mixing Business & Pleasure Travel

August 19, 2020

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Video Transcription:

Do you ever mix some business and pleasure in your travel? Well, I’m Donna Bordeaux with CalculatedMoves.com. And I want to talk to you today about how you can make the most of your expenses. When you’re traveling in a mixed-use capacity, the IRS will allow you to deduct the business portion. And if you have an extra day that you use personal, you just have to exempt that. So imagine that you’re traveling and you have airfare to get to a destination. If you were going to a destination, and let’s say you’ve got a business conference for three days, and you’re going to spend an extra day to go visit the sites in that town. You can still deduct that airfare, the hotel for that last day, when you are out and about on personal should not be expensed, but the rest of the visit while on business can be. So make sure that you’re taking advantage of your travel allowances and your business and seeing sites. We have a beautiful country out there. I don’t want you to miss anything. So if you have questions about how to make sure that your business travel expenses are deducted to the max, I’m here to help. I’m Donna Bordeaux at CalculatedMoves.com. Hey, and don’t forget to subscribe to our blog. You can subscribe to our YouTube page right here and in the link. And you can also head over to our blog at CalculatedMoves.com/blog. I look forward to hearing from you

Donna Bordeaux, CPA with Calculated Moves

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