No More Junky Handwritten Signs – A Manifesto for the Modern Business Owner

January 16, 2024

The Problem with Handwritten Signs

Ever walked into a business and been greeted by a handwritten sign that screams “we don’t care about details”? Yeah, me too. It’s an experience akin to stepping on a rogue Lego piece in the dark – unexpected, unpleasant, and it leaves you questioning your life choices.

A Call to Action: No More Handwritten Signs

Our resident expert, Donna, has a pet peeve that she’s ready to share with the world: no more handwritten signs. Yes, you heard it right. Banish them from your business like a vampire from a garlic farm. Why? Because they’re often riddled with spelling errors, inconsistent messaging, and a general air of apathy.

The Exception to the Rule

Donna suggests a new policy: no handwritten signs unless approved by you, the business owner. The exception? An emergency situation like an electrical threat or a toilet catastrophe (because let’s face it, nobody wants to discover that the hard way).

The Solution: Printed, Laminated Signs

The solution? Printed, spell-checked, laminated signs. They’re reusable, professional, and won’t curl up like a shy hedgehog at the first sign of humidity. If it’s worth putting up a sign for, it’s worth doing it right.

Evidence of the Handwritten Sign Crime Scene

Don’t believe us? We’ve got evidence. Donna snapped a photo of a business littered with handwritten signs. It’s like a crime scene for grammar enthusiasts and brand consistency advocates.

The Final Verdict: Upgrade Your Signage

So, fellow business trailblazers, it’s time to step up your sign game. Your signage should reflect the image you want to project: organized, efficient, and definitely not “jacked up”. After all, every detail of your business is a statement. Make sure yours isn’t saying, “we just threw this together at the last minute.”

Join the Crusade Against Junky Handwritten Signs

Join us in our crusade against junky handwritten signs. Because your business deserves better, and so do your customers. No more handwritten signs. Period.

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