Why you NEED to be Implementing Gift Cards Into Your Small Business

December 28, 2021

Do you sell gift cards? Most people minimize the effect of what gift cards can really do. Starbucks is a great example of this. Did you know that Starbucks has $1.6 billion in outstanding gift cards? That’s like the general public just gave Starbucks a loan, but 1.6 billion had 0% interest, amazing.

Just to kind of put that in perspective, 85% of the banks in the U.S don’t have $1 billion or more in their holdings, amazing. So my boy keeps bringing this up is focus yourself on selling and gift cards. It’s a heck of a marketplace out there. It’s a nice way to get some extra cash into your business, especially now make sure that you have those readily available.

Also, if you’re still using paper gift certificates, please move on. The world has moved on to a solid gift card program so that you will sell more. People don’t want to give a paper gift certificate anymore because they just get lost.

So upgrade yourselves to a card, make sure that they are actually usable with your point of sale system, and get to selling. Especially here in the holiday season, this can be a big zone for you. It’ll also bring you new customers that you’ve probably never met before. So get those gift cards upgraded and ready to ship them out.

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Donna Bordeaux, CPA with Calculated Moves

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