Tax Worksheets

Important Tax Preparation Deadlines for Our Firm:

March 15    All Individual information submitted for preparation
April 1    All extensions will be back to you for review
August 15    Extended returns must have all information to us by
August 30   Returns will be back to you for review (individual and business)

Important due dates for government:

March 15    S-Corporation and Partnership Returns Due
April 15   Individual and C-Corporations Returns Due
Sept 15    Extended S-Corporation and Partnership Due
Octoner 15  Extended Individual and C-Corporation Returns Due
Automobile Expenses
Document your mileage and auto expenses for comparison of actual versus standard mileage rates
Education Expenses
Provide details of expenses for education to determine which credit or deduction will benefit you the most
Estimated Payments Record
Record income tax payments made quarterly
Home Office Deductions
Detail the expenses for the use of the home office to ensure that you get the maximum deduction
IRA Contributions
Record contributions made to Traditional and/or Roth IRA
Itemized Deductions
Record expenses allowable as itemized deductions on Schedule A.
Items needed checklist
Review the list of common items needed for individual tax preparation
Realtor Deductions
Common deductions available for real estate agents as self employment expenses
Rental Property Worksheet
Record rental income and expenses by property for preparation of Schedule E.
Self Employed Income and Expenses
Document income and deductions available for Schedule C filers.
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